hiking paradise

Dolomites Summer Holidays

Only you and the nature: Summer dreams ...

Old legends and myths follow hikers in South Tyrol at every turn; you are only limited by your own imagination. The enchanting 250 million year old Dolomite mountains, an UNESCO world heritage site since 2009, surround you in your holiday wonderland: simply incredible!

You will be lost for words! Imagine standing in front of a mountain. Not just any mountain but one with towers of bizarre, rugged but also delicate limestone pyramid formations that rise up endlessly into the sky. The Dolomites are brighter than the other mountains of the Alps. The beauty is enhanced by the changing of colour throughout the day: In the morning they sparkle white like diamonds in the sky and in the evening they radiate warmth as the sunset projects deep oranges and reds.

In the middle of the mountains there lies the most beautiful of all lakes: the jade blue coloured Pragser Wildsee. It glistens like an emerald, nestled amidst the mountains at the foot of the iconic Seekofel Mountain. Walk leisurely around the lake, admire the huge variety of alpine flowers, observe wild animals and enjoy nature at its purest...

Finally you reached the summit and you are on eye level with the summit cross. Take a deep breath and simply enjoy. The surrounding landscape with thousands of high peaks is your reward. South Tyrol, the land on the south side of the Alps, has over 100 mountains that are higher than 3000 meters – it is a paradise for rock climbers. From some peaks, so they say, you can see as far as Venice.

There is a natural harmony around Welsberg that relaxes heart and soul but also invites exploration - whether on a leisurely walk or scenic mountain tour, whilst out and about with your Nordic Walking poles, on the bike or mountain bike, on your way up to the next traditional Alpine hut. Let your mind wander up to the hills – enjoy every moment!

We’ve done it all and we can’t wait to introduce you to the start of a beautiful journey: we are simply spoilt by choice here!