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Wellness in Pustertal - Val Pusteria

The pure love of life - Sauna Oasis

"Soothing steam softly touches my face. Tiny drops of water trickle over my skin while I take a sip of delicious herbal, regenerating tea. My eyes wander around the small spa, where children would not feel comfortable. I, however, feel even more so. Relaxing in the steam room, taking in deep breaths of beautiful Alpine flowers and arnica oil in the herbal-sauna, being calm; relaxing minutes in the heat of the Finnish Sauna put my heart and soul at peace.All I experience now is recreation and peace - when walking, breathing and even speaking - peace that is increased even further by the sound of the small waterfall and the quiet chatter of other guests."

Enter our oasis and be spoiled! Enjoy untroubled, peaceful hours in our beautiful sauna world which is available for you daily from 4pm to 7.30pm clock free of charge. On request or on a rainy day we are more than happy to open the sauna world earlier for you. Children are only allowed in at certain times and must be accompanied by an adult.

Finish Sauna, approx. 90°C

It activates your circulation and detoxes your body. Your immune system will love it! Naturally our Finnish sauna is made of local wood; it will stimulate and regulate perspiration, clean your pores and make your skin soft and supple. The steam of sprinkling water on the hot stones enables you to take a deep breath and boost your immune system.

Herbal Sauna

You will benefit of the regenerating power of warmth and the healing power of our Alpine herbs in our Herbal sauna (approx. 60°C).

Turkish steam bath, approx. 55 °C

The combination of steam, mild radiant heat and natural fragrances creates a very unique experience. Relax and enjoy the variety of different aromas while gazing into the starry sky. The steam will erase all traces of your day-to-day life and heal your skin, hair and respiratory system. Length of stay: approximately 20 minutes


Cold and warm - in our Kneipp-area you will feel the power of water. Different water temperatures awaken your senses and supply your body with a new energy and power. Especially recommended after a long walk, sunbathing or after an exhausting exercise session.



Our Jacuzzi with a water temperature of approximately 34°C is inviting for all to relax, bathe and have fun under the starry sky. Suitable for 4-5 people. Coins (€ 5.00) are available at the reception.

Rock pool

... immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of our rock pool after a session in one of our saunas!


Book an appointment with our masseuse Carmen. Relaxation and indulgence are guaranteed!

Cold-mist-shower in our sauna oasis and massage shower

Gentle refreshing mist in warm tropical rain. Enjoy the power of water in our beautiful massage shower. A special treat after a sauna session.


Naturally, you can also use our solarium in the rare case the sun isn’t shining outside. You will get coins at our reception: 1 coin for 15 minutes - € 8.00

Our herbal teas for your personal wellness

Help yourself to refreshing teas in our tea-corner and simply enjoy the heavenly peace ...