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History: Once upon a time ...

The ancient vaults and arches tell many stories of days gone by... 

The "Lamb landlord" first appears in old archive books at around the year 1600: it is a place of rest and refreshments in the "Defreggerstube", an exchange of information and messages, overnight stays, to feed the horses… Even then the hotel was an important meeting place for significant personalities: for example the world famous Baroque painter Paul Troger stayed here. On 19 September 1886, the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph stayed in the hotel "Weißes Lamm" therefore it became a well known and revered house in Pustertal.

In 1923 the traditional "Prünstlerhof - Lammwirt" passed into the possession of Joseph Heiss. Originally from Sarntal, he married a pretty woman from Pustertal called Kreszenz and together they moved to the residence in Welsberg. They devoted all their skills and energy to make the hotel as well known and respected as it deserved to be. Joseph and Kreszenz Heiss introduced many innovations, including the wish to have a particularly friendly relationship with all their guests. In the hotel "Weißes Lamm" everything worked in harmony: the excellent cuisine of the landlady, the homely atmosphere around the house, the mountain scenery and of course the delightful relaxation of the guests. More and more tourists came back to the hotel anually.

From the traditional post hotel to todays ***s Hotel

Joseph and Kreszenz had three children: Marianna, Berta and Josef (Peppi). In the 1950’s, the children took over management of the hotel and together they continued the success by renovating the hotel and modernizing it. In 1950 Berta Heiss opened the first Confectionery store in South Tyrol, the coffee shop "Heiss-Café ", where Marianna offered her delicious pies and cakes made with traditional, old recipes.

Elisabeth also worked in the pastry shop; in 1960 she married Peppi Heiss. They had three daughters: Elisabeth, Ingeborg and Evi and so the historic house was passed on to the next generation. Success stories but also difficult trials such as the huge fire in 1980 shaped the life of the family and the hotel.

Today, Inge and Lisbeth are the life and the soul of this hotel in the village of Welsberg, an enchanting little place in the heart of the Dolomites. We promise to look after you personally every day – our customers are our friends. Quality has been our focus for the past century and it still is every day.A very warm welcome to you to enter our house and enjoy our traditions – it is a wonderful story where you can fully appreciate the taste of history.